This utility is a Chinese-English dictionary and translator. Its name comes from the Chinese character for "dragon". As translator, LONG translates any Chinese text placed in the Clipboard (copied from any other place), creating a table with several columns, placing the original character on the left and the English equivalent on the right column. LONG translates character by character. As a dictionary, it allows you to locate either English words, single Chinese characters. Also it can help you to locate characters by filtering out the characters, based on the Radical+Strokes count + PinYin specified. LONG is licensed as shareware, the cost of the registered version is $30 and full download size is 1.70 MB. You can download a free version of LONG by following download link at Free Downloads section of this page. LONG is developed or distributed by Change7 and is listed under education dictionaries.

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LONG is a Chinese-English dictionary and translation software. Its name comes from the Chinese character for dragon. This translation tool can translate any Chinese text directly from the clipboard.

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 Publisher: Change7
 Cost: $30.00
 License Type: Shareware
 File Size: 1.70 MB
 Release Date: 3/17/2008
 Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Server, Vista, Vista 64-bit, XP

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